Royal-Cash Austin and Nova Flip Roundass

Royal-Cash Austin and Nova Flip Roundass play

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She walks to the vid phone and watches as she punches in 2 numbers, recognising them at the last minute as the homes of the 2 other couples on the plateau, as they answer Sabine hears her voice inviting the 2 women over for an evening meal and drinks, shocked she hears them agreed knowing that both their husbands are away working with Anton and will not be back for at least a week! Turning Sabine feels herself drop to her hands and knees as the 3 creatures move towards her, before she passes out she feels 2 of the creatures start stimulating her holes as the 3rd pushes into her open mouth, it is then she realises that she has been controlled and has now invited her two friends over for the evening and knows that they’re going to suffer the same fate as she now is, the final waves of pleasure engulf her body and she knows she has become the 1st slave and food source of the pleasure worms of Mars, she slips into unconsciousness…

Beautiful Girl JAVBucks

. As before the stroking on Sabine’s thighs starts again, gently but insistent, getting stronger just before she feels the prick causing her legs to spasm open, once, twice three times now she feels it and her legs jump open wider that in the last dream.


. . Alex dropped the partially used magazine from the weapon, turning and grabbing a fresh on and ramming it home as he scrambled towards the dead intruder on his hands and knees, scooping up the man’s silenced weapon as he took cover by the door

Beautiful Girl

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Austin and Nova Flip

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